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Time: 2025
Place: Kamali
Who: Eve Constantine, Liam MacManus

[Liam] Liam let himself into the back of the bar, the strap of his laptop case swung over one shoulder. "Anyone home?" he called, heading for the main room.
[Eve] "Just me, darling angel," Eve called out from the front of the bar, where she was sitting on one of the barstools.
[Liam] Liam grinned as he walked out of the storeroom, leaning over the bar. "Why hello there. Come 'ere often?"
[Eve] She leaned over to kiss him happily. "Why, this is my first time, sir."
[Liam] "Well then, aren't I a lucky man?" He kissed back with a flirtatious smile. "What's yer poison, miss?"
[Eve] "Guinness today."
[Liam] "Ah, a tough lass." Liam grinned and went about getting her a Guinness, getting one for himself while he was at it.
[Eve] "You know it," Eve grinned. "How's you, then?"
[Liam] "Oh, right peachy and all that. You? I heard ye had a talk with the big bad grandda."
[Eve] "And lived to tell the tale, even." She took a gulp from her glass.
[Liam] "We were all very impressed." Liam grew serious. "But everything went alright?"
[Eve] She nodded, biting her lip. "Yeah. He asked about me and Seamus."
[Liam] "He's okay with it?"
[Eve] "He seemed to be. Of course, he then asked if I was Catholic, so God only knows what he thinks now."
[Liam] "...Oh dear."
[Eve] "Yeah," she shook her head. "But I think we would have heard by now if he wasn't happy."
[Liam] "Very true. And I think Grandma's happy enough about it that she'd smack him into shape, anyhow."
[Eve] "I just - hate where it leaves you."
[Liam] "...don't worry about me, love." He reached over to cover one of her hands with his. "I know I still have ye both."
[Eve] "But I do." She squeezed his hand.
[Liam] "There's nothin' t'worry about."
[Eve] "Are you sure?"
[Liam] "I'm sure. Our das know better and it keeps the grandparents happy. It's not that bad."
[Eve] She leaned in to kiss him again. "You're amazing."
[Liam] Liam kissed her back gently. "Nah, just sensible."
[Eve] She raised her glass. "Well, I suppose someone has to be."
[Liam] "It's a hard job, but." He smiled and raised his own. "Are we toastin'?"
[Eve] "I think we should," she winked.
[Liam] Liam grinned in return. "To anythin' ye wish."
[Eve] "To us?"
[Liam] "Always, love." He brought their glasses together with a smile.
[Eve] "Mmm. So what's the plan for today?"
[Liam] "I hadn't thought about it much. Just thought I should come make sure ye weren't scarred for life."
[Eve] "And I do appreciate it." She shivered slightly. "He damn near gave me a heart attack."
[Liam] "Oh? Did he do his ninja impression on ye? It scares Seamus near t'death everytime he walks in a room."
[Eve] "He did. How does an old guy move that silently, anyhow?"
[Liam] "I haven't a bloody clue. I've been tryin' t'copy it since I was five and haven't managed yet."
[Eve] "Damn. That's amazing." She shook her head, taking a drink.
[Liam] "So how's life with the old men?"
[Eve] She laughed. "Good. I don't think I've seen Da this happy in a long time. Uncle Chas, too."
[Liam] Liam grinned. "Well, I can't imagine why."
[Eve] "Shocking, isn't it?" She grinned. "He keeps getting embarassed, though."
[Liam] "Why should 'e be embarassed?"
[Eve] "I don't know. I think it's because Da keeps kissing him around me." She shrugged. "As long as I don't have to /see/ the sexing, I'm good."
[Liam] "And it's not like ye haven't seen them kiss before."
[Eve] "Exactly."
[Liam] "Silly man. Then again, it took 'im this long, so I shouldn't be surprised."
[Eve] "I'm glad he came to his senses." She smiled fondly.
[Liam] Liam smiled. "So am I."
[Eve] "That just leaves Unce Paul, yeah?"
[Liam] "Right. Though I don't know how that one's gonna get managed."
[Eve] She nodded, frowning. "Yeah, that's going to be tough. We'll come up with something."
[Liam] "Why are we surrounded by people who can't commit?"
[Eve] "I don't know. It's our destiny to bring them together, maybe?"
[Liam] "We're the Saints of the Clue-By-Four?"
[Eve] "All we ask is for your idiotic unable to commit ones?"
[Liam] "Obviously." Liam shook his head, amused, before taking another drink.
[Eve] "It's a dirty job, alright." She winked.
[Liam] "No kidding. It means we actually have to think about them 'avin' sex."
[Eve] She made a face and punched him lightly. "No, we don't. We can leave that bit out."
[Liam] "Well not if they're sleepin' with /other/ people."
[Eve] "Yeah, well."
[Liam] Liam shook his head again. "We'll figure it out eventually, I suppose."
[Eve] She leaned over to kiss him. "We will."
[Liam] Liam kissed her back. "Daft buggers."
[Eve] "What would they do without us, anyway?"
[Liam] "Continue t'be stupid, I think."
[Eve] "Tsk."
[Liam] "They're lucky bastards, t'have our services."
[Eve] "We should be appreciated more."
[Liam] "I agree. Or at least demand payment."
[Eve] "Exactly." She grinned.
[Liam] Liam laughed, and then tapped her glass. "Want another, love?"
[Eve] "Please."
[Liam] Liam refilled both their glasses, before hopping over the bar to sit beside her.
[Eve] She clinked her glass against his and leaned into him, feeling content. "You're so good to me."
[Liam] "Am I? Good. I try t'be." He smiled and kissed her hair.
[Eve] "I got lucky, somehow." She said, nuzzling him.
[Liam] "All three of us did, t'ave each other." He put his arm around her, cuddling her.
[Eve] "Where is Seamus, anyway?"
[Liam] "Chained to the laptop until he finishes his paper."
[Eve] She snickered. "Oh, poor baby."
[Liam] "I also passworded all the porn and the internet connection until he's done."
[Eve] She whistled. "Good one."
[Liam] "Now I'm just wondering if he'll take more time writing the paper or trying to break my password."
[Eve] "Just the very question I was going to ask."
[Liam] Liam laughed, kissing her cheek.
[Eve] "Think we should go back?"
[Liam] "I suppose we could go check up on his progress."
[Eve] She finished her drink with a loud gulp. "Shall we?"
[Liam] "Sounds like a plan." Liam collected the glasses and went to go rinse them out.
[Eve] Eve started to gather her things together.
[Liam] Liam did the same, replacing the glasses and picking up his bag. "Ready?"
[Eve] "Ready." She grinned. "After you, I need to lock up."
[Liam] "Yes'm!" He walked out, holding the door for her.
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